Friday, May 15, 2009

Holistic nursing and crazy people talking to themselves

Considering the person as a whole: mind, body and ...something else. Well, since so many people ignorantly believe they have an invisible, non-tangible, indefinable "spirit," I have to consider that their desire to pray may help them feel better. Why not just talk out loud to yourself? If anyone says you're crazy, just tell them you were talking to your son/daughter/significant other on the phone. Maybe that's how the whole thing started...?

20 years ago, when you walked down the street and saw someone talking out loud with nobody nearby, you suspected there was something not quite right about that person. Now, they are probably talking on their blue-tooth cell phone. Crazy, huh? Those ear-pieces are getting smaller by the day. Next year they will have a model that is so tiny, you won't be able to see it on the person, the only problem is that the transmission of the message is some what garbled; the voice pick-up needs some work. I'm just making this stuff up, but you can see where those wireless transceivers are going. How many times have you been walking along, quietly minding your own business and someone passing you says "Hello!"? You turn to reply and suddenly realize they were not talking to you, but into their phone. You quickly shut your mouth before anything can escape and look beyond them and try to look like you were actually looking at something else.

It's half-way through the quarter, I am done with clinicals and feeling a little less stressed (for the moment). Since we are half-way through the quarter, I need to start cracking on the practice tests, reading and final assignments. Classes are going well so far. Things are heating up between students...I just hope I can quietly stay out of all that. I thought I would take a class or two this summer, but it looks like the economy has screwed me over for that (last summer $350 to take a 5 credit class, this summer $700!!!).

So, I get to look forward to several long weeks of no academic challenge, then start cracking the books into a quarter that would normally occur immediately after this one. I need to find something to keep my brain buzzing away at top speed, sudoku is not going to cut it!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The end of spring break

Spring break is over tomorrow, so it's back to the books, classes, clinicals...I hope this quarter is better than last in terms of how some of my classmates behave themselves (hopefully in a more professional manner).
I just found out yesterday that one of my classmates will not be continuing with us, one of the better, more professionally appearing students. She is going to make an AWESOME nurse someday. I am sad to lose her for another reason, we would get together on Saturdays to study. Now I will probably study by myself, without the benefit of someone to provide a different view.
I have enjoyed my break-it was greatly needed. I have relaxed, focused on other subjects, spent some time with my family, posted some new pictures (, printed out some business cards, basically almost as busy as I am during school hours, just different topics.

I am still fuming over those mystical nursing diagnoses, can't see myself using them at all. especially the disturbed energy field. I even have friends that believe in that sh!t, but they also know that I am not going to pander to their fantasies.

Luckily this next quarter will include some interesting stuff: pharmacology. Learning about how drug molecules cross membranes and interact with receptors to inhibit or stimulate biological actions is fascinating. Off to the books!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Disturbed energy field?

You've got to be kidding, right? You're not? This is a real "nursing diagnosis?" What have I gotten myself into?
Sociology and psychology have their mysticism about them. I sometimes think they want to keep it obscure so they can keep their jobs. And it is difficult to quantify what goes on in the neurons of our brains and how that chemical activity turns into thoughts and consciousness. But I do think there are some actual observable phenomenon that occur in peoples behaviors, that we can use to learn from and to treat people with problems. Utilizing nursing diagnoses that use social and psychological issues as the focus I can do, if it is truly the problem.

Disturbed energy field? This is entire bullshit! I have a difficult time dealing with the whole spiritual aspect of nursing, but if that's what keeps them happy and it will help them heal-because they are happy (not because god is taking care of them) I will go along. I will close my eyes while they pray, but I will not pray. I will go through the motions to keep the patient calm and happy, but I cannot believe in their fantasies. A disturbed energy field is entire fantasy!
How can we say we have an evidence based practice when we include such fantasies (energy fields and religion) into that practice?

Can anyone out there provide evidence of an energy field around a living person? Can anyone provide evidence that that energy field can be disturbed in such a way that it causes psychological, emotional, or physical discomfort? Can anyone provide evidence that praying will actually help a client heal? OK, meditation has been shown to help patients relax, which can promote healing, so prayer can be thought of as fantasy meditation and can probably help. I'm all for rituals that help you relax and focus on positive outcomes (I still don't have to believe in your particular fantasy, though).

That's why I can actually support a client who wants to pray or read their bible. These are activities that might provide distraction or relaxation and enable the client to focus on positive outcomes: all of which may promote healing. A disturbed energy field is just too silly!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

No, it is not a capital g. I deliberately did not capitalize, because there is no god. Where is your proof? Seeing a shining light as I swim to shore (not drown) is not proof of god, that is a common mis-perception. Our brains, made of chemicals, will create illusions as the tissues are starved for oxygen (or glucose). The brain is also known to create illusions (called auras) when there are chemical or electrical imbalances that lead to seizures. Is everyone who suffers from a seizure seeing god when they sense an aura?
No, I would not be surprised at the faith our founding fathers had. I know that many professed faith in a creator (I have actually read about some of them). That is exactly why they chose to deliberately exclude any mention of a god in oaths of office or as a part of our government: to avoid one belief system governing/persecuting/ignoring other beliefs systems.
Those who profess faith must be defensive about their faith, because to disprove it would mean they must face reality. Reality can be difficult to deal with: it is final.
Those who profess faith must destroy others to keep theirs. Atheism doesn't seek to "destroy" faith, just show that reality is real.

The Separation of Church and State

There is a reason our founding fathers chose (deliberately chose) to leave god out of the oaths of office, and government: coming from a country where any religion but the officially accepted religion was persecuted, the only way to make sure such an environment did not develop again was to keep “church” and state separate. Unfortunately this has not been maintained: our past few presidents have been quite vocal about their beliefs, and have even used their religion and beliefs of other religions to start or maintain conflicts against other religions and their followers.
Also, “church” meant and means all forms of religion, not just mention of god or myths from “holy” doctrine or the establishment of religion (church).
Finally, no political party is a friend to any atheist, or free-thinking individual, regardless of their belief or philosophy. The parties are after power and have lost all interest in maintaining a democracy that serves the individuals. Partisan politics is on its way to destroy, or already has destroyed what is left of the democratic system. Individuals who attempt to run for office are not taken seriously unless they are affiliated with a party, preferably one of the “Big Two.” Religion has long driven political power, political power has long used religion to gain and maintain power. Until we as a global society can fix this problem, no political system is going to keep church and state separate for long. Our country claims to do so, but that has been a facade for at least the last 8 years, probably much longer.

If Only You Could Be More Tolerant

In my experience, atheists tend to be some of the most tolerant people. Even of others’ beliefs. Not all atheists are tolerant, and lately some atheists have been quite vocal about their views. But as I am reading some of the more popular literature from atheists I am seeing more concern about the future and wellbeing of humanity rather than of what beliefs are. There has been some eye-opening facts that make me cringe about some of the practices religions allow, which leads me to be concerned about religion continuing. Concern for humans as individuals, though, has been the most common theme.
The most intolerant people I have ever met have been religious, especially if you are not of their religion, or of their particular sect, but especially if you are agnostic or atheist. I think if theists kept their personal beliefs to themselves, enjoying their own beliefs in their own ways, without trying to convert or destroy anyone who did not believe the same way, atheists wouldn’t have too much of an issue with religion. But religions have to be destructive of other beliefs to survive.
Atheism does not need to destroy religion. Atheists are more likely to try to show a theist what reality is, and to appeal to reason and logic. If a person wishes to continue to believe something in spite of evidence to the contrary, most atheists will walk away with a sense of loss for a life and a mind. On the other hand, a theist will attempt to destroy an atheist if they refuse to believe in something that contradicts reality. Destruction is not the goal, acceptance of reality is.
As an atheist, I am free to study any religion: learning about the nature of humanity, learning about what helps some cope with reality, learning some of the best and worst of humanity’s history. I can do so without a preconceived bias. All religions are equal to me; none are superior to any other. If only those who believe their religion to be the best could be so tolerant, how many wars and atrocities would have been avoided? How many deaths avoided?
The religious leaders teach tolerance, but the doctrines are inconsistent and conflicting making them easy to use to advance the “church’s” agenda (whatever that agenda may be).
Bottom line: if you find out someone is of a different “belief” or philosophy than yourself, take some time to learn about it before making judgments, then attempt to accept the person for who they are, as they are. If this is not possible, then walk away, don’t try to “convert” them or change them, unless they express an interest. Some people are looking for the truth, in their religion, in their philosophy, in their lives. Some people may need religion, let them have it. Others need science, facts, logic, reason and the truth. To some, the truth is their religion. Reality and truth are the only “religion” I need.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Good News!

I have been accepted! I have until the 14th to return my acceptance, and then I can register for the first quarter nursing classes...I am so excited and so happy! Next quarter is going to be a whole new world in academia, so this spot will probably be very quiet except for maybe long weekends or vacations. But I will continuing to post as I can.
Thank you everyone for your support!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Interpersonal Communications or not?

I'm not thrilled with the text for my interpersonal communications class. Belief and non-belief are not the opposites. Someone who is an atheist does not disbelieve in a god: they know there is no such thing. THEY KNOW!
There is too much evidence that religion is just a viral meme that people who are too scared to die, too unwilling to be responsible for their own actions and thoughts.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More religion in a class about communication

She just can't keep her mouth shut about her beliefs! Now I know more than I really wanted to know about why she doesn't eat crab. Who cares?

School is definitely going along. I get to register for next quarter next week! Since I won't know if I have been admitted into the nursing program I am planning on registering for Abnormal psychology, another communication class (small group or public speaking) and research writing. All of these classes will meet pre-requisites for the bachelors degree programs for nursing. Then if I don't get into a nursing program for spring quarter either, I can apply for fall quarter entry at any of the colleges or universities in the area. Just think, maybe I will get into the nursing program at the University of Washington, one of the best nursing universities in the nation!

I have much homework to work on, so I must sign off.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Again with the religion in a non-religious class

Why is it OK to share your religion in school, but it's not OK for an atheist to even exist much less try to share their opinion?

Because then the religious types would have to think for themselves in trying to defend their mythology and irrational belief in that which does not and cannot exist.

Interpersonal communications class is about learning to be a better communicator by learning to listen and be "other oriented" without compromising your own self. I actually do enjoy learning about other cultures, especially their history because it really helps me to understand where the person I am trying to communicate is coming from and how I can be sensitive to their mores and ethics. But just about every ethnic group out there seems to center their philosophy and traditions around religion (notable exceptions include: Britain, Australia, some other countries in Europe, some parts of America, Canada).

I try to be sensitive to what I know are rational traditions of religion (are there any?) but I will not allow conversations to turn toward talk about an invisible sky bully. They can talk and I will try to listen to what they are really trying to say, but I will not add my own two cents' about such an evil and malevolent thought disease. I can't say anything nice and won't just to make someone feel better: because it really doesn't help!

I really do think that everyone who is religious is so afraid of dying that they live their whole lives in fear and trying to find something else that scares them even more (the invisible sky bully that will make your life hell if you even think about thinking something naughty). Dying is a natural part of the human life.

Remembering that we have a limited time to do something that will make us feel like we have accomplished something important in improving our lives, the lives of our families and friends is something that would make this whole world a MUCH better place! Instead we have people who "believe" that someone else will take care of them and make it a better place if they just wish it hard enough. This is a failure to take responsibility for one's own life!

I am always greatly saddened to hear that someone has died (if I know them, I will miss them tremendously, especially if they have done anything to improve the human condition on this planet) but that is how life ends, eventually. Medicine is greatly improving life and the longevity of those of us who take care of ourselves, but there is a limit to the construct of the human body. Maybe someday we can enhance our bodies increasing our longevity but I hope that we do not forget our humanity. I hope that we will still eventually die at some time so that we will remember that our time is limited and we should make the most of every moment we have, live life to the fullest with no regrets!

I'm not saying I wouldn't like to live forever, because I would! Life is a wonderful thing! I just wish the religious would let me live my life the way I think is best for me without their b*llsh!t homilies to try to make me "live" better. (I'm not hurting them, OK, maybe I am hurting their feelings or making them doubt their beliefs-oh, I hope so!-but I'm not physically or emotionally hurting them!) Mostly it just makes me feel sad because of the wasted life they are living and how awful it must be to live in constant fear!

As part of the interpersonal communications class, one lady brought in a song for us to listen to that was supposed to represent her values: it was a religious song. I can't even remember anything about it, it is not the kind of music I listen to anyway. I just kept thinking about how limited this lady's life is because she chooses to live in fear and how sad she seemed. She is not from America but speaks very good English. She is taking the class to improve her interpersonal communication skills (of course) but I think she just needs to lose the religion, start thinking for herself and get some confidence. Get happy! So far I thought her skills were quite good. I'm taking the class because it is a requirement for graduation with a nursing degree (and if I had known that I was going to have a public speaking instructor I would have signed up for public speaking or small group communications, I feel like I am taking two classes in one: interpersonal communications and public speaking). I'm not the only person in the class who is a bit upset about having to get up in front of the class. I know my public speaking skills are not top notch, but they are good enough to get me through a day at work, and that's all I really need. I'm not going to try to be a public speaker.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Nursing school application and a GREAT concert

Gaelic Storm
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Went to their show last night in Edmonds and LOVED it! Wish I had the cash to see them tonight in Kent also. They are such a fun group of guys and a gal! Great show, though Patrick's mic kept cutting out at the beginning of the second half. I was disappointed that ECA wouldn't let them have their Guinness on stage. Drinking a beer, a single beer, during a 2 hour set doesn't seem like a lot to me, besides they are working hard under those hot lights, dancing around all over the stage.

Had the best seats ever!

Jesse is AMAZING!
Steve has such a great voice.
Patrick is as funny as ever. Loved the Wham! impersonation! HILARIOUS!
Ryan is WONDERFUL on those drums!
Pete is absolutely FABULOUS on the pipes!

Together, these people are AWESOME! I really recommend all of you to take a listen to this group.

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Other news:

The application is in
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So I dropped of my application for nursing school yesterday.

Now I wait.

I hope to get a letter of acceptance sometime soon after the end of the month! Of course if I don't get accepted I will not get a letter and I need to be getting applications for other schools for spring quarter entry at the nearby schools that have a spring quarter start.

If I am accepted, that will mean that I will be in the last quarter of nursing school two years from now!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I am now an officially registered certified nursing assistant!


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I am now an official, registered, certified nursing assistant!

The story goes like this: my assigned partner and I are called (after waiting for nearly 4 hours). She had to pee and took a run to the powder room. The evaluator called her name and I told her that she had just ran to the refresher. The evaluator said, that's OK because you are going first. I thought this was odd since in all the previous groups the person listed first went first, meaning I should have been the "resident" that the candidate being tested would be caring for.
I fly through my 5 skills, finished within the 25 minute time limit. The evaluator then starts telling me to put my shoes on the floor at the head of the bed, and calls me by my partner's name. I tell her that my name is Lisa and she gets this horrified look on her face. She calls to the other evaluator who is just about to fax the score sheet in for evaluation in Texas. She erases all of the marks and I have to start over, with her marking the form that is for me. I ended up being evaluated on 9 skills instead of 5 (she did not make me demonstrate that I knew how to wash my hands a second time).
The evaluator admitted it was her mistake, but she was so distracted by other things, she didn't notice or hear me when I introduced myself to the patient for the first time after walking into the "room."
I was so relieved to be done with the first five, the second set was even more nerve-wracking. My partner had it easy since I had just performed all of the skills she then had to perform on me (the first 5 skills I did). I think the evaluator went easy on us after that.

Gotta go take another test!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Schedule

School: Microbiology, Nutrition for Healthcare Professionals and Interpersonal Communications...scared yet?

Tuesdays and Thursdays:
I get up early, usually no later than 5 am. I study, visit DA and other websites for my daily fix of internet, eat, shower, dress (not necessarily in that order). Leave for class by 7:30 am. Sit in class listening to lectures on microorganisms, watching power-point slide shows, taking notes. We get a short break, maybe two. Spend the last 45 minutes frantically trying to do the lab and clean up quickly before class ends.

Walk out of the classroom at 10:50 am and return home to drop off the books and laptop (I take notes during lecture, no access to internet in the class/lab room). Grab a quick lunch, pack dinner, grab my communication text. Ride my scoot through downtown Redmond (one of the many one-way street, traffic lights every 50 feet cities in this area).

Class starts at 1:10 pm. Listen and participate in class until she lets us leave (no break, but we usually get to leave early). Get to work sometime after 4 pm and start no later than 4:30 pm. Work until 9:30 pm and scoot home as quickly as possible without freezing in the dipping temperatures.

Spend a little time "cooling down" so I can get to sleep. Hopefully I get to sleep by 10:30 pm.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays:
I get up early, usually no later than 5 am. I study, visit DA and other websites for my daily fix of internet, eat, shower, dress (not necessarily in that order). Pack my lunch and dinner. Study some more until 10:15 am, then leave for work. Work until 9:30 pm and scoot home as quickly as possible without freezing in the dipping temperatures.

Spend a little time "cooling down" so I can get to sleep. Hopefully I get to sleep by 10:30 pm.

Saturday I have to get up no later than 7:30 am to do all my morning things including packing a lunch. I leave for class by 8:30 am. I sit in class from 9 am to 1:50 pm learning about nutrition. She gives us short breaks, nothing longer than 15 minutes.

I think I am averaging about 6 hours of sleep per night. Sometimes I skip the studying and take a morning nap before going to work.

Good thing there are only 11 weeks left in the quarter!

Someday I'm going to be a nurse...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

To Lily

Lily, I don't know of any other way to contact you, so I will post a blog.

Thank you for the comment and sorry it has taken me so long to reply. Been very busy and somewhat frustrated with school.

So, why are you choosing the nursing profession? I have been in healthcare for more than 18 years. I actually tried getting into nursing school 15 years ago, but I suddenly found myself a single parent of a 5 year old and a 3 year old. I was ready to apply, but I just could not figure out how I was going to pay for school without working so I could actually see my children. So, I set that path aside for a while.
Why nursing for me? I actually greatly enjoy helping people. Sometimes it is hard, because the patients aren't appreciative, but most of the time, they are, even when they aren't even aware of where they are. Sometimes it just takes a smile from me, and a few kind words to make a grumpy patient change their whole personality.

It is a difficult subject, talking about death, even with those who have disillusioned themselves into believing there is another life after they die. It's even more difficult for those of us who refuse to kid ourselves. I try to see what the person has accomplished and appreciate what they have contributed to the world, even if it has only affected them or those very close to them.

I created this blog for the very same reason you feel you have nobody to talk to about these issues. It helps me get things out and when I get the positive comment, it really helps!
I am very lucky (I don't believe in luck, but I don't want to say blessed, either) to have a boyfriend who I can talk to about these issues in a rational manner at any time. I come home, rant and rave about the spirituality being crammed down the patient's throats and mine, and find a little peace from his logical approach. The whole human race is not doomed!

I don't know why you have chosen nursing, but I am hoping that it because you have a passion for the profession of nursing. Death and dying is something you will have to deal with, but hopefully not on a daily basis. Pain and the treatment of pain is a very large part of nursing (all of the places I have worked at want to treat pain pro actively). Stay away from hospice and hospice care, unless you get a handle on dealing with death.

I will have the most difficulty staying with the patient who wants me to stay while they pray. I don't want to be part of the delusion, I don't want to encourage it at all. But, most people would not be ready to speak rationally about the whole subject either, so I don't want to discourage the practice, especially while their health is an issue.

I want to be true to my values, I would love to share my values with others, but they have to be ready to evaluate, rationally, what I am saying. They have to be ready to evaluate what they have been doing to themselves their entire lives. This will be most difficult, especially if they are frightened due to health, in pain or have any other major stress.

I encourage you to stick with it, especially if you really have a passion for nursing. We really need more nurses who can help the atheist patient who needs comfort! I am always available to talk to and encourage you to visit my myspace site where you can leave me a message any time.

Monday, April 21, 2008

So, what is it?

What is it that makes the religious types want to force their beliefs on others? I just don't get it! Are they so insecure in their beliefs that they need others to believe also so they can feel better about their own fantasy? Is it the flocking thing-safety in numbers? Or is it that the belief in reality, logic, reason, freedom of choice, being responsible for ones' own actions, thoughts and living with the consequences is just too f-ing scary?

Just had a pair of JW's visit my door. I noted the "Watchtower" in their hands and said "No, thank you," as soon as the door was open. They politely said "Have a nice day," and left but it still bugged me that strangers feel they need to "save" me, especially when I don't want to be "saved." The sign on the door that says "No soliciting" is always ignored by the religious ones...they are soliciting!

And then there are the ones at work (coworkers) who insist on discussing their "holy" book and what "he" says about this that or the other thing.

Oh, and then there is the whole "spiritual" needs thing that I have to respect in patients that I care for. I can respect other people, no problem. Respecting their self-delusion is another thing. I guess I can treat it the same way I would treat the patient with mental deficiencies and believes that they just bought a house and will be leaving the skilled care facility any day, even though they are unable to take care of their daily needs without assistance. "OK miss patient, I'll sit and listen while you pray" (inside my head I will be adding that I will not say "amen", because I cannot agree with their delusion that some invisible sky bully is going to deliver them safely from surgery, it's in the skill of the medical team that will be taking care of the patient and the health of the patient).

So, be warned: If you religious types want to sit and listen to logical reasons for the argument that there is no god, and really listen and think about what is being discussed, I'll try to listen to your stories about how you found god. You don't have to give up your faith (though if you truly do listen and think about what is said you will have doubts), and I will not give up my certainty that there is no invisible sky bully that will strike me down for not having faith in it.

I really wish the religious would keep their beliefs to themselves and stop bothering me while I am trying to study for a test!

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's official: 4.0's across the board!

Yep, got my grades and I managed to pull A's out of all three classes! I'm a happy camper right now!
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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I just bought a new scooter! Of course we showed up after work and were too late for the dealer to be able to let us walk out the door with it (licensing, etc.) so I had to wait to today to pick it up. BUT...just another snafu...the guy did a dyslexia and transposed 2 numbers on the vin and now I gotta get the paperwork signed, again, before I can pick it up. Luckily, he said he would stay a little late to wait for us to get there. So, now I am anxiously waiting to go to being my new baby home!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'm back!

Finished with finals for winter quarter! I have my grades from Anatomy and physiology 2 and lifespan psychology and am EXTREMELY please with myself. I am pretty sure I did well in the statistics class also and am anxiously awaiting Monday when the grades should be posted.
I have been so busy and a bit stressed with 16 credits and still working full time. I have the next week off and hey do I need it! Hope to take a few good pictures and relax before spring quarter begins.
Next quarter is going to be hell. My schedule starts at 7 am to work, off at 2pm to drive to school which starts at 3pm and finishes at 10 pm. That's Monday through Thursday. For April I have to work Sundays with a class on Saturday, so no rest there. In May I will get Sunday's off while still doing the Saturday class, so I will actually get a real day off to study and catch up on sleep.
I am so glad I am done with A&P, it is one of the most difficult classes I have ever taken (but extremely fascinating and wouldn't want to not take it). I think the most difficult part is that I feel rushed rather than being able to take my time and really learn the nitty-gritty details that are so very interesting.
Hope all is well!
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Monday, October 22, 2007

Avoiding offense

Seatac is trying to avoid offending their international customers this holiday season by putting up non-religious based winter decorations. I applaud their endeavors.
On the other hand one of my co-workers is highly offended and believes that this is why America is going down the tubes and christianity is why America exists and was created.
I tried to reasonably point out that Seatac is an international business, with international customers and it was a good idea to try to not offend these customers. I also tried to point out that America was founded on freedom from religious persecution, but that went right over his head.
I also believe that the reason America is "going down the tubes" is BECAUSE of religion: we are in a "holy" war against Islam (of course this war was not entirely instigated by us, or the entire Islam religion, mostly the fundamentalists and radicals who can't stand a place where freedom is allowed-it undermines their enslavement of their followers, especially the women). We are in a very unpopular war and we are there because our president is trying to strengthen his moral standing as a christian and rid the Islamic religion of their fundamentalist and radical leaders (not an entirely bad thing, he's just going about it entirely wrong).
Giving these people a decent education and enforcing the human rights of every human on the planet-freedom from enslavement and oppression by those in power would accomplish a much longer standing democracy in these countries that trying to force one down the throats of clerics who want their sect to accumulate power.
OK, this is a rant and doesn't entirely make sense and I have to run off to class so I don't have time to go through and make sure this is saying exactly what I want it to (not all blog statements are entirely truthful of my own opinion).
Hope I didn't offend too many of you...then again, I hope I did, maybe you will think about what it is that offends you and try to figure out why. Think for yourself dammit!

Friday, September 28, 2007

It's A Miracle!

I walked into the bookstore at my technical college to purchase some study aids and I encountered a miracle! I don't believe in miracles, but I may have to argue that this event approaches such a status. Especially where I live, in the heart of the west coast bible belt.

One of the biology study guides, right there in the front of the store, right out on top of the stack, had a section about the cellular and molecular evidence for evolution! I had to buy the guide, even though I am not taking biology.

****Now that I think about it though, why do we have to justify this evidence? Well, I guess scientifically, we should be justifying it, and students should demand justification, as a means of starting to check the facts (we don't have time to go and do all the research for every fact presented to us, we need to learn the material-hopefully not entirely by rote-and do more extensive research later, if we still have questions, don't completely understand the material, it interests us enough to do so, etc.). But I am concerned that we may be spending alot of energy trying to "prove our point" when it doesn't need that much energy to be accepted because of overwhelming evidence that it is true. AND IT JUST MAKES SENSE!
How can anyone, who sees the world as it REALLY is, is in touch with reality, believe that humans, and all other life, sprang into existence suddenly? How can anyone believe there is some uber-complex being that created the world and all life and the entire universe, yet is unwilling to remove evil from this creation to make it a better place? Who would want to worship that being anyway? And if we are so complex that we had to be created by this thing, who created this uber-being? Shouldn't this thing, being complex enough to create us and our universe have to have an even more complex creator? Where does the madness end? Maybe we should be worshiping this creator of the creator? ***k that ***t! If such a being exists, I doubt it would even know we existed or care. Therefore, I say to each uber-being their own, and I will worship (put myself into slavery) nothing for any reason! May lightning strike me now if I am wrong...
The self-deluded wishers of something to take responsibility for their lives (and lack of willpower) make me VERY angry (and you won't like me when I'm angry)!
I wish we could make some sudden huge advances in technology and especially space travel and send them all off to some world of their own, quarantine the place and come back in several centuries after they've all killed each other in their pointless arguments about who's uber-being is the true one. (I'd also like to sterilize them, or make them give their children up for adoption, because their lack of self-responsibility is grounds for charges of child abuse, mental manipulation and brainwashing, etc.-they don't deserve the privilege of raising children.)***

So, to get back to school, we are doing a tiny bit of histology...WOW! Sure wish I could take pictures of some of these beautiful close-up views of what makes up the components of life-the cell. How can anyone think these, with their complex mechanism for maintaining themselves, could possibly have come into existence suddenly? I think about all the tiny steps that were necessary to get to the single cell level and I am just amazed! It takes my breath away that these units of life even exist! Of course they do, because we are here!
It's a miracle! So is smelling dinner when I walk in the house in the evening, despite what my professor says. There's no way diffusion can change my boys to be so thoughtful!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Leave Religion Out of the Psychology, Please!

Classes have started and wouldn't you know it...This is the first time I have taken an online course (I am actually taking 2 online classes--statistics and lifespan psychology). In the math class I have many classmates that are arithmophoes. I can deal with this, even though so far the class has had no math to speak of. In the psychology class (which scares me, because too many people have used psychology to do some REALLY evil things--I speak of the 12 step program and others that have you give up one unhealthy addiction for another: religion), we have already had someone scream out their "love for the lord." AAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!
I immediately wanted to reply with, "Can we please leave religion out of this subject?" But I thought I should probably pass it by the instructor first.
My only-on campus class is Anatomy and Physiology.
The A&P instructor seems very passionate about teaching and is fun to watch, but he was scaring me: "If you work full time and are taking other classes, you better drop them will be expected to do at least 15 hours of studying outside of class and lab..."
I am working full-time-I have to to pay the rent and keep gas in the car and pay for my classes, etc., and I really want to get into the nursing program by next fall at the latest, so I'm ignoring his threats for now.
I am hoping, even though my A&P is 15 and more years old, that this will be mostly review to me and I'll do fine anyway. I have 174 pages to read/study by Monday, I also have several chapters in each of the other texts as well. I LOVE to read (I guess that's a good thing!).

Thursday, September 13, 2007

God (don't) bless America!

It's amazing how little people know about their own country. The national anthem for the United States of America is the Star-Spangled Banner (not God Bless America)! And I think that is a wonderful fact. The Star-Spangled Banner is a great song, it speaks of pride, in the midst of a terrible battle, we still had pride in ourselves and what we were fighting for: our freedom. Freedom from the persecution of religion that was prevalent in Europe at the time. Too bad we didn't continue in the direction we started in!
If you look at some of the links to other sites that feature topics on atheism, you may find quotes from some of our most well known (at least by name) founding fathers and presidents. Most of them had something to say about America being better off without religion. I think our current political leaders need some strong history lessons!
God is not going to bless, me, or America and the devil is not going to damn me either: because neither exist!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Autism and ADHD

This is going to a very different post than my first ones, and hopefully most of my posts will be more along these lines. I need to rant sometimes, especially when something at work just brings my blood to a boil, but I really want to share the experiences I have as a nursing student and how I integrate the experience with my reason.
I just received my first text book for my basic psychology class. I am excited! Not necessarily about psychology, which can have some very mystical thoughts on how our minds work.
I cracked open the book and started looking over things and found a companion web-site for the book. This must be part of how they can do this class on-line! I check out the web-site and find that I can do assignments...I wonder if I can get a head start..Oh, heck, it won't hurt!
Now I know more about autism and ADHD than ever before. Some of this stuff seems scary (especially the part about removing metals from children's bodies and we don't know if it even helps cure the autism)!
I know it is frustrating and scary to have a child with social, developmental and physical needs, but think about what you are doing to your children! Do the research, find out about alternatives, talk to your doctor, talk to other doctors, check and double check and triple check! Some of these therapies seem pretty harmless, but they also seem to not really do anything to help the children. Some of the therapies seem downright medieval and need to be researched more carefully. Some of these therapies may do more harm than good and we need to be vigilant in being advocates for each other in keeping the charlatans from practicing their witchcraft.
ADHD doesn't seem as devastating, but I am sure it can still be as frustrating and difficult to deal with. (I know from working with an adult ADHD individual that it is frustrating and difficult to deal with at times, especially when the individual does not take their medication at the prescribed dose and times...) Although it is incurable by any treatments that we currently know about, it does seem to be controllable in most individuals, even if they are not one of the lucky few to outgrow it by the time they reach adulthood.
I encourage anyone who has ADHD, or has a child with ADHD to talk to your doctor, follow their advice, talk to them more about how the medication and other therapy is helping or not. It seems that the earlier ADHD is diagnosed and treatment started the better the overall outcome for the child and adult. And SUGAR does not cause or exacerbate ADHD!
Now I have two more of my text books, making the completion of my collection for this quarter at 60%. I am only $300 dollars poorer for this collection of books and they are all used! I love books and have a difficult time letting them go, even if I never plan to use them again, but I think I will have to start...anyone interested in a calculus book?

Friday, September 7, 2007

Slavery is EVIL!

I am fairly certain that most if not all humans, especially those that live in the more industrial countries and have any education at all will agree with the statement that slavery is evil. But I am also fairly certain that the majority of people who are technically slaves today do not even realize that they are!

Religion, according to George Carlin, is mind control. I would also state that mind control, and thus religion, is slavery! Therefore, religion is evil!

Now, I know this will really make the religious angry, but I would like to point out the many wars this world has been through: most, if not all, have been over control of resources, including the religion and the people being conquered. Control of people. Isn't that slavery? Isn't time we humans stopped violating the rights of other humans and free all mankind? That means leaving the religion behind so we can all be responsible for our own actions and lives.

Freedom comes at a cost too, sometimes a great cost that some are too lazy to pay, or unwilling to take the responsibility to pay. That responsibility is for your own life and actions. Stop being lazy! Think for yourself! You will be happier and more productive. Take pride in your accomplishments and take credit for those accomplishments, because you did them, not some unseen, intangible, imaginary force! Letting others tell you what is right and wrong is great when you are a child and don't know any better, but when you have grown up and have learned a little about the world you should also start taking responsibility for your own knowledge and actions. I don't mean that you should stop taking advice, but you should know what is right and wrong and how to figure out what is right and wrong if you are unsure--don't just take it on faith from someone else, check your facts, research, look it up, ask questions...just take responsibility for it!

The basis of religion is faith. Faith is just being lazy: you are accepting something without checking the facts. I know it can take time and effort to check the facts, but if you don't you are being lazy and allowing yourself to be a slave! Laziness and thus faith leads to enslavement! You give up your rights and responsibilities to others, this is WRONG!

Please, if you do any one thing for yourself today, question your faith (yes, the single most evil thing you could possibly do, according to those who currently are in control of your life). Why do you think they tell you that questioning your faith is so evil? Because if you do, you will see that allowing yourself to be told what to do, to be told what is right and wrong, without the ability to check the facts and make your own decision, to use your own mind, will lead you to enslavement and this realization may lead you to seek freedom from their control!

Seek your freedom! Live for yourself!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Don't Get Your Faith!

Faith, just what is faith?

According to the Wikipedia it is
* To believe without reason:
* Believing impulsively, or believing based upon social traditions or personal hopes
In either case, Faith is based upon the interpretation of the intangible (feelings, emotions, etc.) instead of the physically tangible and is primarily associated with religion in modern times.

"To believe without reason"--there's some really scary words! If we stop using reason we stop being intelligent beings!

I would also define faith as the belief in something in spite of evidence to the contrary. This is why you will never convince some of the religious that evolution is fact even with the evidence everywhere around them.
Faith is a failure to check the facts, a refusal to check the facts. Again, scary words!

Well, hope (a completely different thing) exists for all you atheist nursing students and nurses! We can remain strong in our fact based knowledge that evolution does happen and that an all powerful being is not going to suddenly take an interest in our personal choices. And eventually, religion will either have to get smarter to keep their blind sheep blind or humanity will grow (evolve) out of the need for an imaginary friend to give them comfort when they are unsure of themselves.

Faith, the last frontier to conquer for the human intellect before we can become an integrated society without prejudice.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Trials Begin!

For anyone who is easily offended: thanks for stopping by, but you might want to stop reading now and find gentler pastures.

So, if you found my blog, it's possible you "googled" atheist, or are a nursing student researching on the web for various "nursing" resources, or a student of law, or many other reasons. Let me tell you right now about the purpose of this blog: I am an atheist, I am starting my pre-requisites for nursing with the hopes of entering the nursing program no later than next fall, I am an adult student looking to expand my skills and career (by adult I am speaking of age, not necessarily of mind), and I am tired of being argued with by christians who insist that there is an imaginary, all powerful being that just exists, in spite of any evidence to the contrary, and we were all created from clay by this all powerful, omnipotent imaginary being.
If there is such a being, why did he even bother creating us, or granting us free-will when he knows exactly what we will do? If he knows what we will do then why test us?

I would like to provide a commentary and possibly a haven for other atheist who happen to have chosen the nursing profession as well for reasonable, rational discussion.

I always hear about how atheists have no morals, but I argue that we do! We do what's right because we have been taught by our parents and teachers about what is correct behavior in moral, thinking, reasonable, civilized people everywhere (not just here or there, but everywhere). How is this so terribly different from religious zealots who claim that they do what is right because some imaginary being told them so.

Currently I work in the healthcare profession and have for more than 16 years. I have always had many coworkers that were religious, but they have mostly kept their religion to themselves, being professional about their job. Within the last 3 years I have had to work with a smaller group of coworkers and they are very vocal about their beliefs and are constantly quoting their holy book and how it proves this or that. I bite my tongue (HARD!) and keep working, trying to be a professional in a job that may impact the life of another.

I would like to speak up, but I am afraid that it would create a work environment that would be extremely hostile. I have been honest about my atheism, and have stated my opinion on some issues that I know are not going to cause too much of an uproar, but I am in the extreme minority and although my supervisor, who is also religious but agrees that religion does not belong in the work place, does not curb the religious talk or turn the music to a station that everyone can agree on rather than the religious station.

To finish up this attempt at a reasonable, rational discussion of atheism and how an atheist nurse will excel at her chosen career I’d like to post some quotes from Richard Dawkins and Richard Cline (from that I have used to explain to long ago friends who have attempted to re-convert me to their beliefs.

P.S.: please feel free to comment but if you are going to trash me, my philosophy, my life, then I would remind you of the Golden Rule--do unto others as you would have them do unto you. You definitely have a right to your opinion, something the religious do not always remember, but I also have a right to my opinions and to speak them freely, just as you are free to create your own blog as an antithesis to mine. But keep your trash statements on your blog and leave me and those who want to have a reasonable and rational discussion about atheism to my blog! Thank you!

Various quotes from other sources:
Everyone is atheist to one degree or another. Christians don't believe in Zeus or Ares as gods. I apply my disbelief in supernatural beings one god further. - The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins
"To me, one of the best components of atheism is the freedom of thought and mind. We do good because it's the right thing to do, not out of a fear of eternal damnation or a need to win favor with a deity." - from, Richard Cline
"We are moral, we are ethical, and we're tired of being defamed and maligned for our disbelief." - from, Richard Cline
"Most people stick with the religion in which they were raised, never thinking or examining the reasons why. Those that switch religions (or sects of a particular religion) often never truly question the belief in a god. Those that do should be proud that they have searched and reached an educated conclusion." - from, Richard Cline
"As an atheist, you have broken out of the cycle of doing what you're told because someone says God says so. You think for yourself, you are self reliant, and you are responsible for your own actions and decisions." - from, Richard Cline
"Humans have the idea of right and wrong imbedded in them by their own brains, as well as their upbringing and society. Atheists do good, not out of fear of reprisal, but because it's the right thing to do. We value family, society, culture, and, of course, freedom. Many of us will - and have - defend these values with our lives." - from, Richard Cline